Here is a full discography of my albums. *Please note that if you see the albums titled 'The Bear' or 'Demo' by Nathan James listed somewhere else online or in print, these are NOT MINE!! This is false information and a different guy with the same name!!

11) Nathan James, 'I May Crawl', Sacred Cat Recordings 2022

10) Nathan James, 'Soul Count', Sacred Cat Recordings 2021

9) Nathan James, 'What I Believe', Sacred Cat Recordings 2016
8) Nathan James, 'Natural Born That Way', Sacred Cat Recordings, October 28, 2014
7) Nathan James, 'Hear Me Calling', Sacred Cat Recordings,October 28, 2014
6) Nathan James and the Rhythm Scratchers, "What You Make of it", Delta Groove 2012
5) Nathan James, 'I Don't Know it', Sacred Cat Recordings 2009
4) Nathan James and Ben Hernandez, 'Hollerin!', Sacred Cat Recordings, 2007
3) Carl Sonny Leyland Trio Meets Nathan James and Ben Hernandez, Sacred Cat Recordings 2006
2) Nathan James and Ben Hernandez, 'Make a Change Sometime', Sacred Cat Recordings, 2004
1) Nathan James, 'This Road is Mine', 2003