Nathan’s three piece band the Rhythm Scratchers has forged a cumulative sound that combines elements of 1920's acoustic blues, amplified juke joint hill country, and 1950's uptown blues mixed with 1960's soulful R&B! Influences range from Tampa Red, to B.B. King, to James Brown and the Famous Flames. This is not your average blues power trio that leans towards the much abused "blues rock" formula. Instead each member in the band knows all the nuances of the different feels and tones. Knowing how to get people's attention, Nathan will often go out solo from the bandstand and burst into a frenzied ragtime breakdown that can lead to a washboard solo on his custom LED lit 'Washtar Gitboard'! Another unique aspect of a live show is band mate Troy Sandow. He may start off the set on upright bass while Nathan will play an uptown lead guitar style in the vein of B.B. or T-bone Walker. Then he will switch over to amplified harmonica and Nathan will fingerpick a driving groove on his baritone guitar in the style of R.L. Burnside or Lightnin' Hopkins. Although Nathan's band pays homage to these traditions and has the same quality of musicianship, there is an original and fresh new energy coming from musicians of a much younger generation.

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Contact for Bookings: 760-583-6243

Contact for European Bookings: Walter Wilhelm

+31 (0)20 30 111 60
+31 (0)6 141 99 130


Calgary Blues Fest, Ottawa Canada 
Kristinehamn Blues Festival, Kristinehamn Sweden 
Ottawa Blues Fest, Ottawa Canada
Terri'Thouars Blues Fest, Thouars France 

European tour to Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands  
Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise, Eastern Caribbean 

Tour to Argentina 
Edmonton Blues Fest, Edmonton Canada 
Augusti Blues Festival, Haapsalu Estonia 
Amal Blues Fest, Amal Sweden 
Zwarte Cross Festival, Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands 
Tour to Moscow, and St. Petersburg Russia 

Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival, Winthrop WA
Sunbanks Festival, Electric City WA
Gator by the Bay Festival, San Diego CA


Rose City Blues Festival, Portland OR

Vache de Blues Festival, Villerupt France

Cognac Blues Passions Festival, Cognac France

Jazz in June Festival, Norman Oklahoma

Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise to the Caribbean 


Riverfront Blues Festival, Wilmington, Delaware 

Benicassim Blues Festival, Benicassim Spain


Lucerne Blues Festival, Lucerne Switzerland 

Caceres Blues Festival, Caceres Spain

Moulin Blues Festival, Ospel Holland


San Felipe Blues and Art Festival, San Felipe Mexico

Festival “Quai Des Blues”, Regneville Sur Mer, France

Lahti Blues Festival, Finland

Barcelona Blues Festival, Barcelona, Spain
Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland OR
Blues Alive Festival, Cuijk, NL
Southern Blues Night Festival, Heerlen, NL
Gator by the Bay Festival, San Diego, CA

Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival, Winthrop WA
King Biscuit Blues Festival, Helena Arkansas
Copenhagen Blues Festival, CPH, Denmark
Doheney Blues Festival, Dana Point, CA
Gator by the Bay Festival, San Diego, CA

Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival, Winthrop WA
G! Festival, Faroe Islands, Europe
Mönsteras Blues Festival, Mönsteras Sweden
Eutin Blues Festival, Eutin Germany
Kwadendamme Bluesfestival, Holland

Edmonton LaBatt’s Fest, Edmonton Canada
Rouge River Valley Festival, Ashland OR

Intl. Blues Challenge winner for Duo/solo
Memphis TN
Doheny Blues Festival, Dana Point CA
Rootsway and Novellara Festivals, Italy
Novellara Blues Fest, Italy
Delta Blues Fest, Italy
Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland OR
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise, San Diego to Mexico
Blues Bash 4, Taipei, Taiwan

Arkansas Blues And Heritage Fest, Helena AK
Doheny Blues Festival, Dana Point CA


Doheny Blues Festival, Dana Point CA
Bay Car Festival, Grande Synthe, France


San Francisco Blues Festival, SF CA


Long Beach Blues Festival

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